Entire menu is Gluten Free with the exception of the artisan bread.
PBPlant basedVEVegetarianKKeto

market plates



Served with 4 leaf side za’atar salad (contains sesame), pomegranate seeds, mint, baby radish and a mustard vinaigrette + 7-seed sourdough bread.
*Option to substitute bread for double salad.

Herb Chicken *newK

Free-range breast from local farms marinated with mediterranean herbs then charcoal grilled.

Piri Piri Chicken *newK

Free-range boneless thighs, spicy Piri Piri chili marinade, charcoal grilled served with chopped herbs and red pepper.

Steak Chimichurri K

Local pasture-raised beef marinated, charcoal grilled and served with fresh herbs, medium-rare.

Honest Salmon *newK
* L + 5,50€

Sustainable and without antibiotics or additives.Josper charcoal grilled with seaweed nori glaze.

Tuna Tataki *newK
*S + 3,50€ / L + 5,50€

Wild, national & sustainable white tuna served with Ponzu sauce and sesame.

House-Made Falafel with Tahini sauce PB

A mixture of chickpeas, leeks, pepper, cumin, herbs and Tahini sauce. Elaborated with olive pomace oil.

Crispy Miso Tofu PB

Glazed with miso, served with green onion, herbs, red pepper and sweet soy.

Extra Protein S ………….. 3€
Extra Protein L ………… 4,50€


garden bowls



Veggie salad:
Salad created with the best fresh products of the season.
Bread not included.

Warm Winter Burrata *newKVE

Fresh burrata on warm roasted seasonal vegetables, spinach, romesco sauce (roasted nuts, tomatoes and red pepper), zucchini noodles, mustard leaves, pistachios.

Avocado Supergreen KPB

Arugula, spinach, avocado, sautéed organic portobello mushrooms, beetroot, cherry tomato, cucumber, poppy seeds, alfalfa & soy sprouts. Balsamic dressing.

Soul Warming Green Curry *newKPB

House made green thai curry with local Mediterranean herbs, spinach, roasted vegetables, lime, bok choy, cashew nuts, cabbage. Choice between sticky black coconut rice or cauliflower cilantro rice.

Ginger Goat Cheese Crunch *newKVE

Goat cheese crumble, caramelized pear, sweet potato, roasted red onion, green beans, crunchy “candied” walnuts, cranberries, arugula, spinach, pollen and beet powder. Ginger-honey vinaigrette.

Latin Lover KPB

Wholegrain rice, chickpeas and warm beans. Kale, cabbage, corn, onions, homemade pickled jalapeños and pico de gallo. Plant-based Sour Cream and blackened jalapeño dressing.

Honest Poke Try it with Spicy Salmon! *new KPB

Avocado, carrot, onion and housemade pickled jalapeños, pineapple, gluten free crunchy onion, wakame, cucumber, edamame, beetroot, apple, coriander, ginger, furikake. Ceviche sauce and Spicy Tamarindo.
Base to choose: Black and brown rice / Tricolor quinoa


House-Made & Plant-Based with olive oil 0,95€/ud

Healthy AlioliKPB
Beet KetchupKPBPA
Chipotle Mayo (Spicy) KPB
Almond Romesco KPB


S. + 3€ / L. + 4,5€                   S. + 3,5€ / L. + 5,5€

Herb Chicken *newK
Piri Piri Chicken *newK
Steak chimichurriK
House-made Falafel PB
Crispy Miso Tofu PB
Spicy Salmon *newK
Tuna TatakiK
Honest Salmon *newK
* Only available in L



Seasonal Charcoal-Grilled Vegetables *newPB

Served with lemon pesto, fennel ribbons, Za’atar herbs and baby radish.

Purple broccoli charcoal grilled *newKPB

Special locally grown breed of broccoli, herb-based harissa, plant-based parmesan.

Hummus of the Week PB

Specialty of the house. Ask our team for the flavor of the week.

Smashed Potatoes & Dill-Chimichurri PB

With purple and white potatoes as well as plant-based creamy Aioli.

Grilled Avocado & Pico de Gallo + 0,5€ KPB

Grilled skin-on with green peppercorn sauce.

Tahini-Maple Squash *newKPB

Roast butternut squash, maple balsamic glaze, caramelized hazelnuts, dried cranberries, tahini, fresh herbs, ají.

Grilled Caesar Salad *new KPB

Grilled lettuce heads, plant-based Caesar dressing, crispy capers and onions, plant-based parmesan.

Wild mushrooms and caramelized celery *newKPB + 0,5€

Locally foraged mushrooms, celery root and puree, fennel leaves.
*Availability subject to market.

Forbidden Miso Rice with mushrooms*new KPB

Wholegrain and organic sautéed ancient black grains, herbs, sunflower seeds, raisins, red cabbage and almonds.

Baked Sweet Potato, Summer Corn & “Bacon*newKPB + 0,5€

With plant based sour cream, 2 types of sweet corn, coriander and ground chili, quinoa, plant based coconut bacon and mixed herbs.

to share

Roman Caulfilower with Tahini & Harissa
*new ….. 6,50€

Charcoal grilled whole romanesco also with edible flowers.KPB

Squash carpaccio …..*new 5,50€

Butternut squash sliced and torched, house Smoked Ricotta made of almonds and macadamia nuts, maple dressing, pomegranate, micro herbs, caramelized walnuts and nutmeg.

Ben’s Sweet Potato Fries ….. 4,50€

Hand cut, served with Beet Ketchup, Healthy
Aioli and coriander.PB

Hummus To Share …… 4,50€

Hummus of the week with side. Choose between:

Portion of toasted 7-seed sourdough bread.PB

Vegetable sticks with Sumak.PB

Sourdough Artisan Bread ….. 1,50€

Organic sourdough artisan bread with 7 seeds.

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sweet corner

All of our desserts contain dry fruits.

3,90€ / each

Cauliflower Mocha Brownie

Salty Tahini caramel.PB

Raw Duo de Chocolate

Raw dark and white chocolate cake with forest berries and coco nibs.PB

Matcha Love Cheesecake

Macha tea cheesecake with passion fruit and dehydrated ají.

Macadamia Miso Cheesecake*new

Cocunat, raspberry and miso caramel.PB

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healthy snacks


Chocolate Chip Cookie ………. 3,50€

Chocolate chip cookie guilt-free with Maldon salt.PB

Cupcake Vanilla-Caramel Cream………. 3,50€

Vanilla-caramel cupcake, “red velvet” filled, cacao cream and caramelized hazelnut.PB

Cupcake Honest “Red Velvet” ………. 3,50€

Chocolate cupcake and beetroot cream filled with
vanilla-tofu cream.PB

Chia-Açaí Detox ………. 3,90€

Chia, coconut milk and almonds, berries, açaí, laminated almond, coconut and fresh fruit.PB

Almond Protein balls ………. 1,50€

Almonds, dates, dehydrated coconut, chia seeds and quinoa.

breakfast menu


Eggs Florentine with Salmon *new ………. 6,90€

A free-range poached egg, smoked salmon, sautéed
spinach, plant based Hollandaise sauce, edible flowers.

Eggs Benedict with Trufed Portobello *new ….. 5,90€

Two free-range poached eggs, sautéed portobello
mushroom, natural trufe, plant-based Hollandaise sauce and coco bacon.VE

Avocado-Tahini ………. 4,90€

Avocado, sprouts, dehydrated ají chili, tahini sauce & lime.PB

Honest Pan Tumaca ………. 3,90€

Cherry tomatoes, salmorejo (tomato puree), plant-based feta cheese, basil, extra virgin olive oil, spirulina.PB

Hummus Of The Week ………. 3,50€

Weekly hummus, extra virgin olive oil, paprika.PB


Gluten Free Ricotta Pancake *new ………. 5,90€

Topped with ricotta cheese, maple syrup, fresh fruit
and berries, toasted almonds and pomegranates.GFVE

Breakfast Burrito *new…………….. 6,90€

Tofu Scramble, avocado, pico de gallo, kale, fresh corn,
plant-based creme fraiche, coco bacon, black beans, house-made cured red onion and chipotle sauce. *Contains glutenPB


Blue & Red Smoothy Bowl *new ………. 5,90€

Blue spirulina smoothie, red smoothie, fresh fruit, house-made keto macadamia granola, coconut, passion fruit and owers.GFPB

Açaí Bowl …………… 6,90€

Sugarfree Acai bowl with banana, fresh berries, hemp seeds and house-made keto macanamia granola. *did you know sugar is one of the principal ingredients of most Açaí Bowls? Not in honest greens! GFPB

Protein-power Overnight Oats …………… 4,90€

Oatmeal and three-color quinoa porridge, coconut milk
aged at least 24 hours, fresh seasonal fruit, almond slivers, goji berries and plant-based protein power.GFPB

Plant-based yogurt goodness …………… 4,90€

House-made plant-based rose yogurt made from vegetable/nut milk, pro-biotic and rose owers, served with fresh fruit, house-made keto
macadamia granola, almond slivers and a wild berry sauce.GFPB

Chía-berry pudding …………… 4,90€

House-made Chía pudding,coconut milk, red fruits, Canary Island bananas, almond milk, house-made keto macadamia granola and toasted almond slivers.GFPB


Fresh squeezed Ginger-Orange Juice ………. 3,50€
Specialty Coffee …………… Starting at 1,75€
Cold Pressed Juice …………… Starting at 3,90€

Add a poached egg (free-range organic) +1€

Add Grilled Haloumi cheese +1,50€